Monday, December 15, 2014

T Stands for Two on Tuesday

Two gifts, two actions ticked off my to-do list, two friends out and about, two meals enjoyed between friends

and two packages mailed for less than I expected

after they were weighed at the post office.  Two British friends will hopefully get their gifts in time for Christmas, although I forgot to tell them that some assembly was required!  It also meant another International friend's gift would soon be on the way, along with those I would be sending in the US.  In fact, as I finished each gift and card, it went into my mailbox so the postal person could pick it up that very day.

And yes, I'll show what I sent people once I know they have received theirs.  Seems some of my US friends have already assembled theirs.

After a few more errands, my friend Sally and I headed for DeFazio's an Italian restaurant known for it's traditional southern (Italian) style that we both love.  Even though I had only completed two of 10 gifts I intended to make, I thought a small reward was in order.

Sally and I were greeted with new menus.  

Along with those new menus came higher prices, much higher in fact.   I asked that the horrible house made salad dressing they normally add, not be added and I got ranch dressing instead.  Of course, I was polite and just asked if I could have ranch dressing on the side.  The waitress was a bit brusk when she said that people come for the dressing alone and I must be out of my mind.  That put me off a bit, but I didn't dwell on it.

With the new menu also came longer wait times.   I even mentioned to Sally how long our food was taking and how people who were on lunch breaks would probably have to take theirs to go.   I ordered shrimp scampi with a side of fettuccine, while 

Sally ordered spaghetti with mushrooms and meatballs.  Wait time was over 30 minutes between our salad and our main course.  My scampi was relatively hot, but not sizzling, as I usually get scampi.  My meal was from the lunch menu and cost $13.50.  Sally's was from the main menu and it was $18.00.  Note, we both ordered water, too. 

I took photos of the "ambiance" and will show those another day.  Right now, I'm back making Christmas cards and getting them in the mail, since we are already half-way through this month.

What's on your plate this week?  Is it a new place to eat, a new tea, a favorite drink, something holiday related, a digital beauty, a journal entry, or maybe even a "shelfie?"  Whatever you're cooking up, please join us for T this Tuesday.  Then add your link so Bleubeard and I can visit.  And please don't forget, your photos can be taken at any time, not just on Tuesday.


  1. Your lunch looks very tasty, as does Sally's. I find it very annoying that when an eatery changes things around, the prices go up also. One of my favourite lunching places, which happens to be a pub, changed hands quite rcently and I found their prices have gone up by about 20%, but the service hasn't. Annoying. Well, I am delighted to be joining you this week Elizabeth. Many thanks for your comment on my blog. You are such a busy bee. I know what you mean about feeling boxed in sometimes. I have enjoyed the Craft Barn's challengge, but will be glad to get the latest one out of the way. I keep determining not to be drawn into long term projects, but then my resolve always seems to melt away. My mantra needs to be something like, 'Do not look, stay off the hook.' haha.
    Happy T day Elizabteth (hugs) :o)

  2. I like my hot food hot!. Looks the the portions were on the large side.
    I don't even want to think about how much I have spent on postage this year. Atleast i'm supporting the USPS!

  3. I just do NOT like an eatery that does a renovation and then raises the prices and deletes good customer service! Bigger portions do not justify higher prices when nobody can eat as much as they serve. No wonder 90% of the USA is over weight!

    My satisfaction is that they usually do not last long, after doing all this....LOL

    I'm not even talking about what I have spent in postage this year, since this is the fist year, in many, that I have sent out that many cards......but I did so enjoy it.
    Happy T-day

  4. I ended up at the post office today too, and wow was the line long! The clerk told me that Dec. 15 is the busiest mailing day of the year.

    Good luck with finishing your handmade gifts. I have a couple that I'm still working on, too, so wish me luck as well. :)

    Happy T Day!

    this should take you directly to the video if that helps! thanks for visiting

  6. those are two plates piled high! Hope your parcels arrive safely, I know my cards are arriving here. It's not a cheap time of year to be sure!!

  7. Food looks lovely, shame about service & prices. I've kept my costs down this year by making flat cards & using a courier service rather than our Post Office who charge double or triple to deliver pressies :-) xxx

  8. Yikes, I would have had trouble holding my tongue....I need no one to suggest that I'm out of my mind! How very rude. The food looks lovely - huge portions, and yep, it really becomes a treat when there's been a price hike. But if you've done the Post Office Grand Prix, I cannot agree more - a reward is due! I too did the PO thing yesterday..along with half of the small town I live took ages. But like Krisha, despite the rush the panic the waiting the cost, I so enjoy it in the end!!

  9. Don't you hate it when a favorite dining spot changes? Now I've very curious about their house salad dressing though.


  10. looks delicious shame about the prices though

  11. I really hate it when a restaurant we like changes owners and the prices go up or the quality down. Those prices are high for lunch even here.

    Glad you got a lot accomplished. I'm busy decorating today, but I have a "guest" poster.

    I also had to go back and add a mosaic to my CB post--I'm even impressed with me for completing the challenge!

  12. They do no good service nearly everywhere nowadays and than they wonder so much when no customers come... these are very big portions but since the service is not as high leveld as the prices they will see what will come.....

    post office ... a special place for I love my postoffice station here in my little village..never long to wait's the grocery shop as well and we can always have a nice small talk while waiting...
    HAPPY HAPPY T-DAY my friend..I am late today with posting - shopping day for me and I forgot to link before leaving the house....I really get old....


  13. I left my link and then almost forgot to comment on yours! lol And I love your restaurant posts. I don't understand why restaurants don't realize that success lives and dies by the wait staff's attitude and "handling" of the diner. Attitude is so important. Even if the food is cheap, I need a basic level of good attitude.

  14. your are a girl after my own heart...dressing on the side! I am amazed when I see folks pour tons of dressing on their salad. Don't understand how they can even taste the greens...or maybe that's the point! Too bad the prices increased- a lot of that going around these days, everywhere for everything! It does look like a wonderful meal, I love shrimp! Happy Holidays to you dear! ♥

  15. looks YUMMY!
    oh well, my pc crashed and i´m helping myself with the tablet of my son (not used to... hard to handle for me). good that i have some scheduled posts, as i do not have access to my photos etc. hope that will be fixed soon, as i feel quite helpless without the pc. isn´t it crazy how much we are depending on this in daily life meanwhile?

  16. That's always a bummer when they change things for the worse.
    Happy T Day!

  17. All that would keep me away in the future. They will lose their business lunch crowd, too. Too bad.

    I am lucky to be able to join this week. I couldn't blog for three days--photos wouldn't work at all for some glitchy reason, but did now today. :):) Happy T-Day!!

  18. Well that was a rude comment by the waitress, not everyone likes something that is on their menu due to individual tastes. But the food does look yummy.

    p..s. that dreaded number verification is on your blog as well. To remove it you just change your comments to embed.
    Bridget #18

  19. I THINK I JUST GAINED 10 POUNDS LOOKING AT THOSE PICTURES :-) It all looks wonderful ! ♥♥♥

  20. We don't really need an excuse for a treat do we...... All this present making is hard work.
    Food looks lovely.......Shame about the waitress though

  21. I've just been out for a meal with friends and a funny tale was told about being in another restaurant a few days ago and making a complaint to the waitress and her answer was "Well it is nearly Christmas! We're very busy!" Have you ever seen a British TV comedy programme called "Fawlty Towers"? Now that was a disastrous place! Hugs, Chrisx


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